Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday #Who Knows

All right, for those keeping score, it's Week 29, and this is Wednesday #28 of 2011. The last time I did a WIW, it was #15. Guess I've been a little off track lately. Epic failure on my part.

Half the year is gone. I'm looking around, trying to find it, but it's just not there. What the hell did I do with it?

How have I failed? Let me count the ways...

Stop Eating Crap? I think we all know that's a big, fat nope. Let's move along, all right?

Start Moving? Again, nothing to see here.

Blogging? Uh, yeah. Wish I had better news.

What Did Work? Standing in the middle of my brain, it doesn't feel like much. I've felt lost lately, and very much out of sorts because of it. Spunky the Muse has gifted me with some ideas, but he floats in, knocks up a plot bunny, then leaves like the deadbeat muse he is. 

Taking a step back, what did I accomplish? 
  • I finished a story for charity. That one has sparked an idea for a sci-fi cyborg story which may turn into my first novel.  
  • I co-wrote one of the Hot July Days stories for the Goodreads M/M Romance Group with Lissa Kasey.  
  • Bennie's Wish, my No Pants Friday story, is finished, too. It's a super fluffy, lightweight little novella. I'll submit it by the end of July.
  • Crazy Wind, the short novella featuring my cock-blocking sheriff, has a tentative release date of August 10. Edits are complete, and I've been through the galley proof. I'll share cover art as soon as I am able. 
  • Snakeskin Boots has entered the editing phase. I'm really looking forward to bringing my were-boa out into the world.
  • My website,, is up and running. Go, poke around in there. Let me know what you think. There's a feedback button on every page, so just click on me. 

I guess I've been better than I thought.

What's Next? Stop being so damn lazy. Get off my ass, get my brain in gear, and get things going.

I've been making some progress on my Spider Monkey story. The current plan is to finish him by the end of this month. Can I do it? Anybody wanna lay odds?

After that? He'll need some companions, so I will focus on that pesky were-chicken and the tattooed biker librarian bobcat that's been marking some turf.  Really, it's not a silly as it sounds. And a were-bunny popped up to say howdy.

Then there's Stew. He works at a big-box home improvement store, and he's going to be a lot of fun to write, once Spunky gives me an actual plot to go along with his personality. There's also a yuppie-hunting rocker in the mix, and a Car!Porn idea I really hope I am capable of doing justice to. There might some follow-ups to a couple of co-authored shorts in the pipeline, as well. You never know.

In October, I'll be attending the GayRomLit Retreat in New Orleans, LA. I'll see a lot of you there. You'll be able to find me - I'll be hiding in a corner. I'll attempt to come out of my shell, but I am painfully shy. Is there anything you want to see from me there? Let me know. I'll see what I can do.

Seems like enough to keep me busy, yeah? Now, if only the shiny would dim a bit so I could focus...



  1. Who us? Eat crap? NEVER! *moves on with you*

    Does floating in the pool count as moving? Cause if so, EPIC WIN on my part. I'm thinking it doesn't though...

    Blogging...well...I have one. Does that count?

    Awesome list of accomplishments. You should be uber proud. That is definitely an EPIC WIN kind of list.

    And Spunky, poor sweet Spunky with his Spunky ways. *pets* There is no cure but to write faster. :D

  2. It is hard to keep your weight down when you have such a huge heart XXX. You are the most giving, supportive, and creative person I know.

    People are going to love SB!! I can't wait for it to come out! I can't wait to see Aaron completed as well. He is so dang cute!

    We are all successful at some things and totally stinky on others. I know that it is not how others see you, but how you see yourself that matters. If you saw yourself through my eyes, you wouldn't see flaws, just a human being I am lucky to have as a friend. I love you!!

  3. Sounds like you accomplished a lot! Great to hear that the Menagerie series is coming along, I'm really looking forward to the first story!