Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Aaron is Coming Soon

Actually, he's not.

Sure, Monkey Wrench comes out tomorrow (get it at Dreamspinner, and you still have time to enter to win it at Stumbling Over Chaos and at Babes in Boyland).

Aaron has always felt like he had to prove himself. He's the little guy, the underdog. Monkey Wrench really is his coming of age. Sure, he's an adult, and a police officer, but he's still very innocent and immature in some ways. See, he understands the mechanics of relationships and intimacy. He's seen his friends pair off, and as a cop, he's seen the ugly side of it as well. He's just never applied the idea to himself. For most of his life, he's been asexual.

If you're looking for hot monkey sex, I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint you. (What? xXx wrote a story without sex? Inconceivable!) Aaron just wasn't ready for it. He's learning about himself. In the end he's happy for now. That's not to say a certain bobcat shifter hasn't piqued his interest.

But that's another story...


Monkey Wrench, A Were Menagerie Story

Twenty-year-old virgin Aaron Thorne has a lot of irons in the fire. He’s on a career-making case investigating a new party drug that induces shifts in werecreatures, and his friend is the prime suspect. Outside of work, a literal silver fox has captured his attention. And just when life start going smoothly for Aaron, a tall, dark, scowly bobcat shifter named Iggy appears and sweeps him off his feet.

After being attacked in the course of his investigation, Aaron starts to feel like he has something to prove. It’s a good thing he’s got all the energy of his shifter animal, the spider monkey. He’s going to need it to solve the case, sort out his love life, and decide what kind of man he wants to be.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Suit Up Sunday - Hangover

We've all been there. Had such a good time, your mind shut itself down from overload. Happy fun times, but not without punishment. The hangover. Here's a tip - it gets worse the older you get. Or maybe it's just me. Today, I'm nursing a work-hangover from way too much going wrong even after the best-laid plans of man and Systems Administrators.

(then again, any excuse to post Bradley "YumYum" Cooper with his pants down...)


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Suit Up Sunday - Morning Paper

Nothing like getting up Sunday morning and reading the paper. I can't find my reading glasses, so I may just have to get a little closer.... Much, much closer.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Suit Up Sunday - A Treat

My friend Poppy asked "So what about you? Did any of your teenage crushes influence the type of man you find attractive today? "

I'll admit it: Treat Williams has been a life-long crush of mine. Tall, dark, handsome, and damn, that smile. Slayed for life. 

Most of you probably know him as Dr. Brown on Everwood, but let's travel in the Wayback Machine and visit a time when he marked himself indelibly on my psyche.

My first real awareness came from his part as Stretch, a Corporeal who has severe disdain for eggs, in Steven Spielberg's 1941. What can I say? That jawline in a uniform? Yowza! for this then-ten-year-old.

The same year, he was the free spirited Berger, who underwent a makeover for his friend, in the movie version of Hair.

Just. Damn.

Yes, he was in the awful Billy Zane version of The Phantom, but he rocked the hell out of the 1940s look. 

And he played Jack Dempsey and Stanley Kowalski. 

Good guy?
Bad boy?
Misunderstood miscreant?

Yes, please!

I'll keep my other two lifelong crushes under my hat for now. Maybe next time? :)


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Suit Up Sunday - Yes, Sir

He was hot wielding the whip in Spartacus, but sweet jeebus, that smile is even deadlier.

Yes, sir, Doctore. Whatever you say.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Snark - Shopping with Vin

Here's a little tease from PreCaution, the sequel to Close Encounters, my LiAW story. (You can also download Close Encounters from my website or directly from Goodreads)

Pre was still a teenager and a ward of the state when he went into the experiment with the others. Vin's been trying to be a helpful big brother since then.


Since his eighteenth birthday, Vin had been offering to take him out, to help him celebrate the ancient rite of passage, but he'd refused. After meeting the prince four months ago, he'd relented and compromised with Vin. During one of his filming breaks, he'd asked for Vin's advice. Udo had woken something in him, and he needed to release it. Vin had taken him shopping, bouncing around like a kid in a candy store. He pulled things off the shelf and handed them to Pre as the wandered up and down the ailes. 

“Hold on. What is all this stuff?” he asked. 

“Well, this is a plug, and this is a sleeve, and that,” he said with a smile, “that is the Alleviation Station. The Rolls Royce of fuck toys. Self-lubricating, density-sensing sininium core, this sucker can tell how hard you are and give you the ride of your life.”
Pre raised an eyebrow in skepticism. “I don’t think I really need a Rolls Royce. How about a nice, moderate Chevy?”
“Trust me, kid. You want the Rolls. If nothing else, take this. My treat.” Vin slid his cred chip across the counter and paid for it.  “Now, how ‘bout we find someone for you to use that stuff with, unless you already have someone in mind?”


Rolls versus Chevy. Sounds like a no-brainer to me.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Thank You

To all of you who have put your lives on the line, to those who gave their lives, to those who continue to fight, thank you. Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty time and again.

I appreciate everything you've done to allow us the freedoms we take for granted.

Please don't let their sacrifices be in vain. Honor the fallen, thank the veterans, and respect the serving.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Hop Against Homophobia Winner

Thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by during the Hop Against Homophobia. 

I would like for this to become a yearly event, but even more so, I would love for it to become obsolete, a relic of a time before society collectively came together to accept everyone for who they are and quit judging each other according to arbitrary standards. After it became okay to just be. :D

<steps off soapbox>

And now, the winner...


Congratulations! I'll be sending you an email with more details.


Love is...

Officially, the Hop Against Homophobia ended yesterday, but I had one more thing to say, and today just seemed the right day to say it.

You see, today is my anniversary. Spouse and I have been married 23 years today. I have spent more time with him than without.

I'm blessed. I have someone who loves me, who stands beside me, and behind me, no matter what. He lifts me up, holds me high, and grounds me all at the same time. He's there for me, and I try to be there for him.

I love you Spouse. I probably don't say it enough, but I try to show it every day.

We're lucky. We have that piece of paper that says no one can keep me away from him in case something catastrophic happens. No one can say I'm not allowed to be by his side, or him by mine.

Thousands of people are not so lucky. They've found their one, the other half of their soul, but they are denied that golden ticket that says the government has legitimatized their union. Our elected officials, our community 'leaders', have their heads up their asses.

The reality is that getting the government to accept the fundamental fact that love is love is taking too fucking long. All couples, regardless of either partner's plumbing or DNA, should be afforded equal protection.

We have our marriage license, but we've taken extra steps to ensure we're always protected. Living wills and medical powers of attorney stating exactly who has the right to make decisions for us in the event we are incapacitated. Financial powers of attorney so we both have access to the funds to support those decisions. Last wills and testaments to indicate who gets what in case the unthinkable happens. Beneficiary declarations so the funds go to the people we've chosen and not the government.

What I'm trying to say is that recognizing that everyone deserves the right to marry is just one avenue of protection. Loading up other legal documents can provide security for your loved ones, and the ammunition to tell administration officials to shove their antiquated beliefs and regulations where the sun don't shine. It's not true equity, but it is protection.

I'm no expert. I don't claim to be one. Please do your research. Talk to professionals. Most importantly, talk to your partner about what fits your relationship. Decide together what works for you, what won't, and by all means, do what's right for you. It's no one else's business, nor should it be. Don't let anyone pressure you into, or out of, what your partner means to you.

Because everybody deserves their happily ever after, whether the government chooses to accept it or not.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hop Against Homophobia

Today is the International Day Against Homophobia. Its a day to raise awareness, and celebrate diversity. In short, it's time to erase homophobia. And let's stop  trans*phobia and *queerphobia while we're at it. 

In fact, fuck *phobias in general. 

I'm going to co-opt this space to preach a little. I want to stop saying "It's okay to be gay." Why? Because no one should ever need a qualifier to be okay. Whatever you are, wherever you fit best in the alphabet soup, or out of it, it's okay. It's okay to simply be who you are. 

Gay, straight, trans, bi, tall, short, fat, thin, geeky, smart, stupid. It just doesn't matter. It's okay to be.

No matter who you are, what you are, or who you want to be, go for it. Be who you were born to be. That's all you can do, and the rest will fall into place.

It's okay to be.

What do you think?

Leave a comment below with your email address for a chance to win anything from my backlist. Contest ends May 20, and winners will be announced May 21.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Music Monday - One Love

Let's all get together and feel all right.

One love, one heart
Let's get together and feel all right
Hear the children crying (One love)
Hear the children crying (One heart)
Sayin', "Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right."
Sayin', "Let's get together and feel all right."
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa

Let them all pass all their dirty remarks (One love)
There is one question I'd really love to ask (One heart)
Is there a place for the hopeless sinner
Who has hurt all mankind just to save his own?
Believe me

One love, one heart
Let's get together and feel all right
As it was in the beginning (One love)
So shall it be in the end (One heart)
Alright, "Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right."
"Let's get together and feel all right."
One more thing

Let's get together to fight this Holy Armageddon (One love)
So when the Man comes there will be no, no doom (One song)
Have pity on those whose chances grow thinner
There ain't no hiding place from the Father of Creation

Sayin', "One love, one heart
Let's get together and feel all right."
I'm pleading to mankind (One love)
Oh, Lord (One heart) Whoa.

"Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right."
Let's get together and feel all right.

"Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right."
Let's get together and feel all right.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Suit Up Sunday

A man could provide much inspiration, and the woman will do the rest.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Suit Up Sunday - Mid-Seduction

He's ready for you, he wants you, and he's going to get you. 


Friday, May 4, 2012

Kilt Friday - No Pants Edition

Some kilt fans celebrating No Pants Day :D


Happy No Pants Day

It's the first Friday in May. You know what that means.... Yes! No Pants Day! Today also happens to be Star Wars day. It's the perfect reason to don those Darth Vader Underoos and strut your stuff.

It also means that Bennie's Wish is finally now available from Dreamspinner Press.

May the 4th be with you. But not your pants.


For years, Ally Theodisius has suspected his “friends” have been humoring him to stay in his good graces—and his wallet—so when a No Pants Day breakfast ends in his humiliation, he finally takes a stand.

When model Bennie Arnold runs into Ally, his first impression is of a cute, adorably dimpled writer in dire need of a real friend. Bennie would be happy to fill the role. There’s just one little problem: he’s going commando, and it happens to be No Pants Day. If he has any hope of getting his wish, Bennie will have to use his best assets to convince Ally he’s the real deal.


Monday, April 30, 2012

Music Monday - Marooned Without Pants

Enjoy some Maroon 5. And then enjoy some pantsless Adam Levine. You're welcome.


You push me
I don't have the strength to
Resist or control you
Take me down, take me down

You hurt me
But do I deserve this?
You make me so nervous
Calm me down, calm me down

Wake you up
In the middle of the night to say
I will never walk away again
I'm never gonna leave this bed, oh

So come here
And never leave this place
Perfection of your face
Slows me down, slows me down

So fall down
I need you to trust me
Go easy, don't rush me
Help me out, why don't you help me out?

Wake you up
In the middle of the night to say
I will never walk away again
I'm never gonna leave this bed, oh

So you say "Go, it isn't working"
And I say "No, it isn't perfect"
So I stay instead
I'm never gonna leave this bed

Take it, take it all
Take all that I have
I'd give it all away just to get you back

And fake it, fake it all
Take what I can get

Knockin' so loud
Can you hear me yet
Try to stay awake but you can't forget

Wake you up
In the middle of the night to say
I will never walk away again
I'm never gonna leave this bed, oh

You say "Go, it isn't working"
And I say "No, it isn't perfect"
So I stay instead
I'm never gonna leave this bed, ooh

Take it, take it all
Take all that I have
Take it, take it all
Take all that I have
Take it, take it all
Take all that I have
Take it, take it all
Take all that I have

Take it, take it all
Take all that I have
Take it, take it all
Take all that I have
Take it, take it all
Take all that I have


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Public Service Announcement (And a Contest)

Did you know that the first Monday in May is No Pants Day? This year, it happens to fall on Star Wars day, May 4th. I'm telling you this as a public service announcement. I want to make sure you're not caught out with your junk out. Because that's exactly what happens to Bennie in my new novella, Bennie's Wish. 

Bennie is a model, and he's taking some time away with his friend. They're going to a No Pants Day brunch, but Bennie's forgotten something--his underpants. 

Don't go commando on No Pants Day. May the 4th be with you. But not your pants.

How do you plan to celebrate No Pants day? Tweet me (@xaraxanakas) or Facebook a picture of the underpants you plan to wear next Friday, and I'll enter you in a drawing for a copy of Bennie's Wish and a swag pack, including a pair instant underpants (just so you're ready).

Contest ends Thursday, May 3. 

For now, here's a taster of Bennie's Wish, due Friday, May 4, from Dreamspinner. 


“I said, do you see something you like?”
Ally’s eyes shot up to meet Bennie’s, and he could feel the blush starting on his neck. His ears burned like he was standing too close to a fire. Bennie was smirking, with one eyebrow up. “Sorry,” he said before turning and almost running to the bathroom. Once inside, he slammed the door shut and leaned against it. His eyes were burning, and his breath was coming in gasps. What had he been thinking? He had nearly grabbed the man as he lay there on Ally’s bed. Just because Bennie was being paid to be there didn’t mean he wanted Ally pawing him. He really was getting desperate. The first cock in his bed that wasn’t attached to his own body, and he couldn’t control his hands. He let out a growl and went to the sink. All he could see in the mirror was his own bright red face staring back at him. He gripped the cool marble tight to keep his hands from shaking.
That smirk on Bennie’s face was etched in his mind. He knew what he was doing to Ally—he had to be doing it on purpose. What would he have done if Ally had actually reached under that silly flowered material to grab his cock? He could tell Bennie liked to be watched. His body had reacted to the way Ally stood there, mesmerized. The semihard cock stood at attention, apparently starving for some affection.
Was Bennie out there, fuming because Ally refused to play along? As he stood there, he pictured Bennie’s smirk going from amusement to anger. He was probably ready to get this over with already. Ally wondered how many customers he scheduled in a day. He had to be anxious to get on to his next trick. Standing there, it was easy to picture Bennie getting angrier by the second. Finally, he’d get up and storm across the room. Ally closed his eyes, and the imagery took over his senses. Bennie, stalking across his bedroom to stand outside the locked bathroom door, those blue eyes blazing in contrast to his dark skin. He’d bang on the door, but Ally wouldn’t answer.


I wonder where it's going from there. 

And remember: semper ubi sub ubi. 


Monday, April 23, 2012

Music Monday - Eve of War

I used to listen to this on vinyl with my brothers. I hope the odds of the revived tour coming to town are considerably better than the chances of anything coming from Mars.

JOURNALIST: No one would have believed, in the last years of the
nineteenth century, that human affairs were being watched from the timeless worlds
of space.
No one could have dreamed we were being scrutinized, as someone with a microscope
studies creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. Few men even considered
the possibility of life on other planets and yet, across the gulf of space, minds
immeasurably superior to ours regarded this Earth with envious eyes, and slowly and
surely, they drew their plans against us.
At midnight on the twelfth of August, a huge mass of luminous gas erupted from Mars
and sped towards Earth. Across two hundred million miles of void, invisibly hurtling
towards us, came the first of the missiles that were to bring so much calamity to Earth.
As I watched, there was another jet of gas. It was another missile, starting on its way.
And that's how it was for the next ten nights. A flare, spurting out from Mars - bright
green, drawing a green mist behind it - a beautiful, but somehow disturbing sight. Ogilvy,
the astronomer, assured me we were in no danger. He was convinced there could be no
living thing on that remote, forbidding planet.
"The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one," he said.
"The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one - but still they
JOURNALIST: Then came the night the first missile approached Earth. It was thought
to be an ordinary falling star, but next day there was a huge crater in the middle of the
Common, and Ogilvy came to examine what lay there: a cylinder, thirty yards across,
glowing hot... and with faint sounds of movement coming from within.
Suddenly the top began moving, rotating, unscrewing, and Ogilvy feared there was a
man inside, trying to escape. he rushed to the cylinder, but the intense heat stopped him
before he could burn himself on the metal.
"The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one," he said.
"The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one - but they still
"Yes, the chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one," he said.
"The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one - but they still come!"
It seems totally incredible to me now that everyone spent that evening as
though it were just like any other. From the railway station came the sound of
shunting trains, ringing and rumbling, softened almost into melody by the distance. It all
seemed so safe and tranquil. 


Sunday, April 22, 2012