Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monday, January 30, 2012

Music Monday - Disco Style

Let's do some disco for today's Music Monday, shall we?

I realize it is probably sacrilegious to call Kiss 'disco', but listen to it! Feel that beat. Hear those lyrics. It's disco. You can admit it. They know.

Now, slip on that polyester suit and do your best Tony Manero.

Not convinced? Fine. Here's a bonus disco track for you.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Snark - Razor's Plan

Last week, I told you I had submitted a little Valentine's story to Less Than Three. Well, this week, I'm proud to let you know it has been accepted. Razor's Cut will be out February 15th. It will be part of the big blowout at my #AwesomeTweetMommies' place Babes in Boyland

In honor, let's check in on Razor again. Maybe his attitude has improved a little?


"Cheer up, man. There'll be another later," Samson said. He clapped Razor on the back hard enough to send him into the room.

"Yeah, there were three more, just waiting to take his place," Torr kicked in. "You can't fuck them all."

"Wanna bet?"


Sounds like a plan to me, Razor. Good luck with that.


Friday, January 27, 2012

F*ck Off Friday

Welcome to my first Fuck Off Friday.

Wondering what it is? Well, it could go one of two ways. Either I'm fucking off, not doing much of anything, and I'll post something fun or stupid (even more so than the torture I inflicted with Music Monday), or, if a rant is in order, it will be Fuck off! Friday. I'll invite some guest fuckers from time to time so they can get things off their chests too.

Today is a mixed bag. I feel the intense need to tell someone to fuck off, and I can't muster the energy to do much more than fuck off.

Without further adieu:

Xara: Self, FUCK OFF. 
You know what you need to do. Stop fucking off and do it. Buckle down, focus your energy on your work, and shut the shiny the fuck off.

Self: Right back atcha. And I will, right after I finish this....

and this.....

All right. After this one....

Damn. I think I'm addicted....

Right. Really fucking off now, before my nerd takes over and I start dissecting my laptop.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday - er, Thursday

Wow, it's been a while since I did this. I kind of curled in my shell and avoided the world. I didn't even do a year-end wrap up. Lazy, lazy bum.

So, I'm sure you can guess that the Stop Eating Crap/Start Moving thing didn't work out so well for me last year. We'll just move on and say "FEEL GOOD ANYWAY" for this year. No beating myself up for last year. I'm simply going to do better this year.

What Did Work?
Well, I'm glad you asked. I started last year with a goal to get published, even if I had to self-pub. Thanks to my fantabluous writing group, I managed to actually accomplish my goal. Without their courage, I wouldn't have been able to do it. They had the balls I needed to borrow to hit the 'send' button and try. Lo and behold, Dreamspinner was just that for me last year. They spun my dreams into reality. I had a short story published in the Riding Double anthology, Crazy Wind, the follow-up novella, and the first of my Were Menagerie books Snakeskin Boots. 

There were some freebies mixed in there too. L.C. Chase let me ride along on Jailhouse Rock, and Lissa Kasey helped me Sink or Swim. (They're both amazing authors - you should go check them out). There was also the choose your own Stendhal's Stand adventure I published on my website. 

Really, my wildest dreams couldn't have imagined all this. 

Obligatory commercial: You can find out more about all of these titles on my website or my goodreads profile. 

Now, back to your regular programming...

What's Next?
For one thing, notice how I said "the first of my Were Menagerie books" up there? Well, last month, I would have said "what I hope will be the first". I managed to finish and submit! Monkey Wrench. I'm now in the music-hold portion of our program with that one.

While I wait for word on that one, I've had a couple of other acceptances. A Valentine's Day short I whipped up was accepted by Less Than Three Press. Razor's Cut is due out February 15th.

And I'll be celebrating No Pants Day (May 4th) in my skivvies, along with the characters in Bennie's Wish.

I'll be co-writing again, this time with my #AwesomeTweetMommy Piper Vaughn. We've got some ideas simmering, so stay tuned.

Anything Else?
I've got a few other ideas churning, but I will be around. Some stories that want to be told, and maybe a few freebies, so keep your eyes open. 

I hope you're not sick of me yet. Now that I've crawled out of the hole I've been hiding in, I intend to fill that sucker up with concrete. Yes, that is a warning. See you around. 'Cause I'm not going anywhere.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday - (NSFW) The Phoenix

I've been thinking about do-overs a lot lately. So, when I saw this phoenix tattoo, I had to share it, and a toast to all of you...

To the phoenix, rising from the ashes. Wipe away the past, make this one better than the last, and leave the bar even higher for the next.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Music Monday - What It's All About

January is a time to take a look back at the year. A time to figure out what wasn't working and to approach things in a different way.

With that, I bring you a different way to approach the Hokey Pokey.

After all, that is what it's all about.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Snark - What Time Was That Again?

I loved these little visits down Snark Street so much, I'm keeping them up. I hope you like my smart ass characters as much as I do.

This one is from my Valentine's Short Razor's Cut. I've submitted it to Less Than Three Press, and I'll be giving a copy away at my #AwesomeTweetMommies' place, Babes in Boyland. 

Razor's bandmates are harassing him about one of his recent escapades.

Torr snorted. “Foreplay? And who’s your lucky fuck of the day this time?”
“Yeah, why don’t you bring him back here to meet us?” Samson added. Razor flushed, with embarrassment and anger. Samson knew damn well he didn’t know who it was behind him in the alley. In fact, he could probably tell him better than Razor could guess. He probably saw the guy walking away when he came out to get him. He lifted his arm and studied his bare wrist. The pale pink lines from the riot cuffs was still visible.
“Okay, how about I bring him in at, let’s say, half past fuck off? Will that work for you guys, or do you need to check your schedules?”

Wow, Razor. Defensive much?


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday

I'm borrowing this idea from my #AwesomeTweetMommies, M.J. O'Shea and Piper Vaughn. Go check them out at Babes in Boyland. I'll wait....

I thought I'd share one of my favorites for my first Tattoo Tuesday. An early one of The Amazing Ari, and the inspiration for Zef from Crazy Wind.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Music Monday

This was my first favorite song. It's also the first song I knew all the words to.
(Why yes, I am old. Why do you ask?)

In fairness, I was in first grade, so don't judge too harshly.

(and I still sing along with it every time I hear it, loudly and badly)
(okay, now you can judge)


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Suit Up Sunday

I thought I'd start a new feature here, Suit Up Sundays. Watch this space for a new dapper Dan every week. 

The first Suit Up Sunday is for my friend Poppy Dennison:


Friday, January 13, 2012

Where Have I Been?

Well, there are two answers to that question.

1)  I've been right here, silly. Crazy fool. :P

2)  I've been right here. Silly...crazy...fool.

Does that clear it up at all? Figured it wouldn't. Well, I've been here, lurking, watching, just hanging out. I've been quietly following tweets, watching Facebook, and reading blogs.

But I haven't really been participating. I've hidden inside my shell, just peeking out. Because as much as I can recognize the beauty in others, and as much as I can see the worth in you, there's one place that I still can't see it.

The mirror.

I just can't see it in myself. I've never been one to call attention to myself, and lately, it's gotten worse. I see the popular ones, the golden people, and it feels like they are getting louder and louder. Shrinking away is the only thing I feel comfortable doing.

I'm not saying this to fish for compliments, or to ask you to validate me. I'm not asking you to say I'm wonderful, or special, or that I do deserve to be a part of the crowd.

That wouldn't help anyway. I appreciate it. I love you for it. But I have to feel it. I have to accept it. And that is a shitload easier said than done. You know that. You've probably been there too. It's all in the reaction. Because face it, that is the only thing that you have 100% control over. You rely on the moving parts and behaviors of others for everything else. What goes on inside your head, inside your heart; that's the only thing you own completely.

How do you react to situations? Annoyed, irritated, angry, frustrated. Fearful, desolate, sad. Avoidance.

So, that takes us back to yesterday's take away. Remember it? FEEL GOOD ANYWAY.

Someone posts something you don't like? FEEL GOOD ANYWAY. Your book gets ripped to shreds in a scathing review? FEEL GOOD ANYWAY.  Everyone else gets noticed, and you're still standing alone? FEEL GOOD ANYWAY.

How do you react to situations? Happy, believing, caring, hopeful. Inspired, supportive. Acceptance.

Because you're not alone. It just feels that way sometimes. Let's do it together. The uphill battles are easier to manage if we work as a team. Are you in? Because I am. It's time.

The glass, she is full.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 Resolutions

I'll be back to posting soon, but I just wanted to post some things I plan to work on for 2012.

I think the biggest one is the last one:  FEEL GOOD ANYWAY.

There will be good times; there will be shitty times. FEEL GOOD ANYWAY.

Fix what you can, but realize you can't fix everything. FEEL GOOD ANYWAY.

Whatever comes about, FEEL GOOD ANYWAY, because you deserve all the best. Don't let anyone take that away from you.

(p.s. If you forget how wonderful you are, FEEL GOOD ANYWAY, because I know, and I'll be around to remind you.)