Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday - What am I Thinking?

Or, more accurately, what is Spunky drinking? He's got me lined up with all kinds of projects.

First, there's a WIP I'm working on with Piper Vaughn, called I and Love and You. We're still about a third of the way through it, but you can catch a couple of inside looks over on the Babes in Boyland blog. Here's one. And another.

I've still got to get clucking on Why The WereChicken Crossed the Road. My cyborgs have slowed down, and my Lucky Bastards are pining away for some attention too. They're probably behind all the James Dean posts lately.

Seems like enough to keep a person busy, right? You might think so, but Spunky said "NO!"

The MM Romance group over at Goodreads is organizing another round of free short stories based in photos and prompts submitted by readers. Spunky just had to say "WRITE THIS!"

Dear Author 

It’s the 26th Century and the human race has seeded itself throughout many galaxies. These two guys have been paired up for the latest Ursa Majoris Pornacopia Holoflick. They have 24hrs to figure out how to get it up and get it on… without breaking Universal Health and Safety Codes for Interspecies Sex Acts. 


Of course, Spunky's passed out face-down in a gutter somewhere at the moment, leaving me high and dry behind my keyboard.

Thanks for the inspiration, O muse o'mine.