Saturday, April 28, 2012

Public Service Announcement (And a Contest)

Did you know that the first Monday in May is No Pants Day? This year, it happens to fall on Star Wars day, May 4th. I'm telling you this as a public service announcement. I want to make sure you're not caught out with your junk out. Because that's exactly what happens to Bennie in my new novella, Bennie's Wish. 

Bennie is a model, and he's taking some time away with his friend. They're going to a No Pants Day brunch, but Bennie's forgotten something--his underpants. 

Don't go commando on No Pants Day. May the 4th be with you. But not your pants.

How do you plan to celebrate No Pants day? Tweet me (@xaraxanakas) or Facebook a picture of the underpants you plan to wear next Friday, and I'll enter you in a drawing for a copy of Bennie's Wish and a swag pack, including a pair instant underpants (just so you're ready).

Contest ends Thursday, May 3. 

For now, here's a taster of Bennie's Wish, due Friday, May 4, from Dreamspinner. 


“I said, do you see something you like?”
Ally’s eyes shot up to meet Bennie’s, and he could feel the blush starting on his neck. His ears burned like he was standing too close to a fire. Bennie was smirking, with one eyebrow up. “Sorry,” he said before turning and almost running to the bathroom. Once inside, he slammed the door shut and leaned against it. His eyes were burning, and his breath was coming in gasps. What had he been thinking? He had nearly grabbed the man as he lay there on Ally’s bed. Just because Bennie was being paid to be there didn’t mean he wanted Ally pawing him. He really was getting desperate. The first cock in his bed that wasn’t attached to his own body, and he couldn’t control his hands. He let out a growl and went to the sink. All he could see in the mirror was his own bright red face staring back at him. He gripped the cool marble tight to keep his hands from shaking.
That smirk on Bennie’s face was etched in his mind. He knew what he was doing to Ally—he had to be doing it on purpose. What would he have done if Ally had actually reached under that silly flowered material to grab his cock? He could tell Bennie liked to be watched. His body had reacted to the way Ally stood there, mesmerized. The semihard cock stood at attention, apparently starving for some affection.
Was Bennie out there, fuming because Ally refused to play along? As he stood there, he pictured Bennie’s smirk going from amusement to anger. He was probably ready to get this over with already. Ally wondered how many customers he scheduled in a day. He had to be anxious to get on to his next trick. Standing there, it was easy to picture Bennie getting angrier by the second. Finally, he’d get up and storm across the room. Ally closed his eyes, and the imagery took over his senses. Bennie, stalking across his bedroom to stand outside the locked bathroom door, those blue eyes blazing in contrast to his dark skin. He’d bang on the door, but Ally wouldn’t answer.


I wonder where it's going from there. 

And remember: semper ubi sub ubi. 


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