Sunday, July 1, 2012

Suit Up Sunday - A Treat

My friend Poppy asked "So what about you? Did any of your teenage crushes influence the type of man you find attractive today? "

I'll admit it: Treat Williams has been a life-long crush of mine. Tall, dark, handsome, and damn, that smile. Slayed for life. 

Most of you probably know him as Dr. Brown on Everwood, but let's travel in the Wayback Machine and visit a time when he marked himself indelibly on my psyche.

My first real awareness came from his part as Stretch, a Corporeal who has severe disdain for eggs, in Steven Spielberg's 1941. What can I say? That jawline in a uniform? Yowza! for this then-ten-year-old.

The same year, he was the free spirited Berger, who underwent a makeover for his friend, in the movie version of Hair.

Just. Damn.

Yes, he was in the awful Billy Zane version of The Phantom, but he rocked the hell out of the 1940s look. 

And he played Jack Dempsey and Stanley Kowalski. 

Good guy?
Bad boy?
Misunderstood miscreant?

Yes, please!

I'll keep my other two lifelong crushes under my hat for now. Maybe next time? :)


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  1. Absolutely! Oh man, he's a butter melter for sure. :) Dare I say it? He's a real Treat.

    *gigglesnorts* I'm such a goober.