Thursday, June 9, 2011

CAN'T! won't.

Is there a difference between can't and won't? There used to be.

Can't means you are incapable of doing something. I can't be elected president, because I can't imagine an instance where I would run for office.

Won't means you have chosen not to do something. I won't stand for hate and bigotry. I won't support hurtful messages.

Very different meanings. But it seems as though can't and won't have become interchangeable. It seems can't has become the de facto excuse for the entitled. "I can't do it" means "I won't even try."

So why should I have to do it for them when they won't do it for themselves? Why is it acceptable for The Entitled to just drop everything, say "I can't", and expect that I'll pick it up for them. What happened to the drive to succeed?

I'm all for helping someone who needs it, but all too often, it's the "I won'ts" that take, rather than the "I tried, and I need help."

Conversely, when I say I won't do something, it doesn't mean that I am incompetent, or that I am not capable of doing it. It means I have chosen not to.

Can't isn't the magic word that means you don't even have to try anymore. And it's not the magic word to get me to help you out. That's please.

After all, can't never could do nothing.


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