Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Crazy Wind Blows

Well, I hope it doesn't blow blow, you know?

My first solo release (EVER!! – EEEP!) blows into Dreamspinner one week from today, Wednesday, August 10.

Am I ready for it? Does it matter if I am or not?

Hope you enjoy it.


Zephyr “Zef” Kokinos has just settled into his job as sheriff of a small ranching town when he gets a call to log a report for an animal shooting. He meets Bobby Joe Decker, foreman of Stendhal’s Stand and everything Zef has always looked for in a cowboy. But the real surprise is that Bobby Joe is aka “fckgfired,” a friend Zef has become close to online.

Bobby Joe only recently discovered the Internet. He’d set up a date with one of his online friends months ago, but since then he’s realized the only online buddy he really wants to meet is “vientoloco”—“crazy wind.” He doesn’t think he’ll ever have a chance, and then Zephyr blows into his life...

(and check out that HOT HOT HOT cover!)


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