Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday - One Month Down

Can you believe we're already in February? January seemed to fly by. I'll probably scale back these weigh-ins to monthly. I'm really not all that interesting, so inundating you with weekly updates seems a bit much.

Let's check my scorecard and see how things are shaping up....

Stop Eating Crap: I've been detoxing for a week now. Zero carbs, no sugars, no fats, no oils. I had some headaches at first, but I FEEL GOOD ANYWAY. I've given up coffee *gasp!*, but you can have my iced tea when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers. One thing I have determined through extensive research is that grapefruits are minions of evil, flinging their bitter juices in mini-missiles directly to your eyes, computer screen, or keyboard.

Just sharing the warning before you decide that innocent looking fruit is safe.

Start Moving:  That treadmill standing in the living room has actually seen some use. (Use that it was designed for, pervs)

What Did Work?  Monkey Wrench was accepted! I love my little spider monkey, and I'm glad he'll be joining Jeff out in the world. (Not to mention it's embarrassing to have a series of one book.)

What's Next?  Razor's Cut, my Valentine's short will be out in a couple of weeks, and you can enter to win a copy in the SuperHuge Giveaway at  Babes in Boyland.

I'll be working on a joint project with my #AwesomeTweetMommy Piper Vaughn. We've got the story outlined, and we're hoping to finish it this month. I've made some progress on a sci-fi cyborg idea that hit me last year. And the shocking thing? I actually like it. 

What else? I'm not sure. But I'll be sure to share with you as I find out. 



  1. Can't wait to see your projects with Piper and the cyborg! Both are going to be awesome, I'm sure!!!

  2. Congrats on your book acceptance! Can't wait to read more in this world. :)

  3. I'm so excited to be working on stuff with you!

    Congrats again on Monkey Wrench! :D