Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is the Romance Dead?

The inside of my kindle.....
Some of you know I've been married for over 20 years. All to the same man, even. So, after 20+ years, what passes for Valentine's around Casa de Xanakas? 

Candy? Nope. Flowers? Uh-uh. Jewelry? Not for me. Nope. I got nothing. And I liked it. 

See, I don't really need candy.  I wear the same jewelry every day - I rarely come across something I like enough to put what I wear now into a drawer. And he knows I think that the money spent on sending flowers could got to much better things.

What things, you ask? Books. Loads and loads of books. Spouse got me the perfect gift a couple of years ago - a kindle. And now, he feeds it. That's just what I wanted, and all I needed, except for him.

Oh, I did get a bath this weekend. It had all the right ingredients - hot water, bubbles, and a six-foot, blue-eyed bear to cuddle with. Yep, he gets me.