Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday #5

So, one month in. How'd I do?

Stop Eating Crap?  Nope. Still eating food from a bag. We've tried cooking, but I < insert excuse #1, #2, #3, #4..... >, so we wind up taking the easy way out. Something I don't have to leave the car - or even the house (Pizza and Chinese is getting boring - we need more delivery options) - to get.

Start Moving? Unless you count a few 8 hour days of schlepping hardware leaving me a sore, agonizing mess, I didn't get any extra exercise. So, yeah, fail on count 2.

Here's where I'm supposed to pledge to do better, and promise myself I'm going to try harder, and that these new fat girl pants I had to buy will be too big very soon. And yada, yada, yada. Truth is, I'm human, and I'm lazy.

Blogging? I really don't think I'm that interesting, so only missing 5 days isn't that bad, is it?

What Did Work?  The story I submitted in December got acccpted last month. So I got that going for me. I also wrote a new short story (yes, it's about the cock-blocking sheriff). I'm doing some cleanup and edits on it, and it'll go out next week.

The biggest thing I did last month was finish my first novella/novel-light/novel. So far, reaction has been mostly good. The people who have read it seem to like it and have provided some good (read: constructive) feedback. I'm digesting the comments and trying to decide how to incorporate it. I will submit it by the end of the month - and that terrifies the ever-lovin' stuffin' out of me. There may be some alcohol involved afterward. Just saying.

What's Next?  My geeks will get more of a real story line – or at least they’ll finally leave their stable and venture into the outside world. I think a group camping trip to the lake, where they all get wet and drunk may be in order. And some nerdy geo-caching (they can’t just mountain bike). ‘Cause nerds do it with gadgets.  ;-)

And I'll continue with my plan of world domination through likable shape shifters. My spider monkey will get some affection. He's been telling me I may have been mistaken about his story. We'll see.....

And I really will try to do better at not eating crap and starting moving. I'm getting too old to feel this old.


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