Thursday, March 3, 2011

Respect My Authoritah

When is it time to move on? At what point do you say "I'm out"? 

I work in a male-dominated field, supporting  male-dominated fields. I try to play nice with the boys and gently assert my will on them. I've got a group of users that love me. Such is the delicate balance of IT and High Tech. I say no, you listen. After all, I have the magic password to lock you out of the systems.

But lately, a few are pushing it. Coercing me to do a little more; nudging the boundaries beyond what's 'in scope'. Walking all over me. And complaining when I don't capitulate.

I've killed them with kindness, and now I think my pool is tainted. Maybe it's time to climb aboard my Big Wheel and roll on down the road.

Too bad my writing isn't a safety net.


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