Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday #9

Another month down. How'm I doin'?

Stop Eating Crap?  This is going to sound like a "check's in the mail" excuse, but I really did start working on this today. Got up, had a protein shake for breakfast, staying away from fried foods for lunch. Great plans - we'll have to see about the follow through.....

Start Moving?  Started moving yesterday. New month, new goals, yeah? Hitting the treadmill for an hour at a time. Today my thighs and butt are yelling at me for doing lunges on the treadmill. But, I'm ignoring them and plan to make it worse later today.

Blogging? I'm still here. Most days. And, I've joined twitter. I solemly swear not to post my bathroom habits to @xaraxanakas.

What Did Work?   I got published! My first short story was published by Dreamspinner this month.
AND! They've also accepted a follow-up novella with expected publication in July/August. Yes, my cock-blocking sheriff found a home. I'm just reworking the story a little to get to the required pieces of  flair to get him is own cover now.

I wrote a short story that I believe has redefined blasphemy. A saga so sacrilegious, it is destined to become the caboose on the Fetish Express to Hell anthology I'm planning. At least I'll have a comfortable trip with the steampunked-out train I'll have. Two words: Bar Car.

My were boa is out in the big, wide world. Spouse hit the send button to help me submit Snakeskin Boots. I'm gnawing the legs of tables waiting to hear back about his fate. Tick. Tock. Accept my WereCock, already! Wait - that's going to be Were Menagerie, Book 3: Why Did the WereChicken Cross The Road?

What's Next?  My geeks got the short end this month. I really need to do something special to make it up to them. They have left the office, at least. York's having a rough day, but things are about to look up for him. 

Lastly, my spider monkey has a new friend. And he's going to get a new name, once I get back around to working on him.

Does it sound like I have a plan? Time will tell. Plans change and fall by the wayside. Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.


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