Friday, March 11, 2011


... all those heroes on the ground, taking charge during tragedies. Organizing their small groups, pulling in those they can reach, and providing whatever support they can to those who need it. Whether that support is food and water, shelter, first aid, or just a smile and reassuring touch to say "Yes, I see you. You're still here."

... all those heroes the press is going to root out for us. The ones they're going to introduce us to, the ones they're going to put up as examples of the human spirit persevering.

... all the others the press will never find, that we'll never get to know. The ones stepping up to do what needs to be done, then going about their lives as if they did nothing special. We know differently, but we'll never get to tell them how much they mattered during these hours.

... all the lives that will be saved, all the people that will come out the other side of this to say "We made it." Every person recovered to be around tomorrow, next week, next year.

... a celebration of the lives of those who were less fortunate. An remembrance that they actually lived, of the things they accomplished, and of the lives they touched. A sharing of the love they held, and continuing to pass it on to those you meet.

... no longer a cheap potshot at people too consumed with themselves to realize the world is a big place, full of amazing humans, every one of them with something special to offer, if only we're open enough to accept it.

Pass the WINNING! on.


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