Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Snark - Snake Style

I'm always up for some snark. I am a natural smart-ass, so I'll join the fun of Saturday Snark. Hop on over to Marie Sexton's blog to get more info, and check out the great linkities below to other entries. 

The following exchange from Snakeskin Boots. (Did you hear it comes out October 5?)

Kim, my wereboa's best friend, has a question for him on the day his werewolf comes in to the bookstore where they work. Brad's looking for an educational book.

“Yeah, I’m looking for a book on the care and feeding of boas.”
Eggplant is on the tip of my flicking tongue, as my eyes travel south.
“Would trouser snake make you a cannibal?” Kim whispers behind me. Brad laughs as I whirl around, wide-eyed and turning purple. She doubles over laughing at my expense. “Sorry,” she giggles out through her tears.
“Break time!” I head off toward the back stairs, leaving the new best buds to their amusement.



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  1. Thanks for joining in the fun Xara. I just discovered the Saturday Snarks and and am chasing the rainbow today. Love, love, love snark.

    *snickers* trouser snakes...