Saturday, October 1, 2011

Snakes Do It With Snark

It's Saturday Snark time again. Be sure to visit Marie Sexton's blog to get more information on the SnarkTour.

Here's a little more snark from Snakeskin Boots (OMG! It comes out in 4 days! *gulp*)

Jeff's dad isn't too happy about Jeff dating a wolf.

I turn on the shower while I get undressed. “Yes, Dad. I knew he was a wolf, I knew he was with the Donnelly pack, and I suspected he was an enforcer.”

“Then what on the gods’ green Earth were you thinking? Or is this a case of what you were thinking with?”

This would be a whole lot easier to discuss if I weren’t naked right now. Just thinking about Brad, and picturing those eyes, remembering the feel those hot hands on my ass. I turn around before Dad can notice just what’s doing the thinking right now, and yelp when I jump in the hot shower.


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  1. Ha! Not fun to have those moments in front of dad. ;-)

    Good luck on the upcoming release, and thanks for the snark!

  2. Congrats on the release Xara and the wonderful snark :-)