Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Snark - Driving Snark

Snarkiday, what a day! 
Here's another one of my guys.

(You know you want to sing along)

Check out Marie Sexton's blog for more of the species.

Today's entry comes from one of Spunky's newest plot bunnies. Quint has royally pissed Hersh off by insulting his car, and Hersh has leaned over to pin him against his door.

“Whatever dude,” Quint said. He felt the car drifting to the edge of the highway. “Just grab the fucking wheel, okay?” The car started running over the warning grooves cut into the edge of the pavement. Hersh continued to stare at him. “Uh, driving by Braille?”
Dude, never insult a classic car, or its driver, while it's moving



  1. Hi Xara! It was great meeting you in New Orleans. Thanks for contributing some snark! :-)