Friday, April 8, 2011

Character Interview - Aaron Thorne

Questionnaire #1 -- The Basics

Your Name - Aaron Thorne – That’s Thorn-E. Thorn with an E.

Your age - 20

Describe yourself – Jeez, I don’t know. I’m just an average guy. I coach little league and I’m a police officer.

Describe your mate (if applicable) – I don’t have one

Where (and when) do you live? – Austin, Texas

What's your favourite sweet? (It is so a basic!) – I don’t eat too many sweets. I can’t handle the sugar

Questionnaire #2 -- Favourites
What is your favourite...

Season? - Summer. That’s baseball season. :-D

Food? - Grilled fluffer-teller and banana sandwiches. That’s Nutella and marshmellow fluff with bananas sliced on it. Then you butter both outsides and grill it. The guts get so gooey. I’m going to have to go make one after this.

Animal? - I guess I have to say monkeys

Colour? - Blue? Green? I like them both. They’re both very soothing for me.

Time of day? - Afternoon - baseball practice with the kids. I love it. :-)

Weapon? - I don’t really like weapons. As an officer, I have a gun, but I really hate thinking about using it.

Questionnaire #3 - Background
Tell us about...

Your place of birth. - Austin. The hill country is so pretty, with all the hills and the lake.

Your childhood. - Okay, I guess. I watched baseball with my dad. And we played it. Mom worked a lot after he left.

Your parents. - My mom is great.

Your siblings - I don’t have any. Well, Jeff and Brad are like big brothers to me. Jeff worked so hard to help me succeed. I have to make him proud.

Your (current) home. - My apartment.

Your favourite "hang out". - The baseball diamonds, or the pool at the complex.

Questionnaire #4 - Skills

Can you read? - Yes, I can. Slowly, but I can read. The dyslexia makes it a little hard.

Can you write? - Yes. The guys always have me fill out the reports. I work late a lot to get them done.

Can you sing? - * laughs * Not too well.

Can you play an instrument? - * laughs again * None. If I tried, you’d run out of the room.

What languages do you speak? - I barely speak English. I can talk to the other monkeys, too.

What weapons can you use? - My service weapon and a taser. * blushes* And, I’ve been known to fling poo sometimes.

Questionnaire #5 - Secrets

Are you good at keeping secrets about yourself? - Probably not. I don’t really have any secrets, so I guess I’d have to say no.

What is your best kept secret? - The time–wait. I can’t tell you that.

What is your worst kept secret? - * blushes some more * Probably my virginity. Everyone seems to know about it.

Are you good at keeping secrets about others? - * blinks * Of course. I’d never tell something someone asked me not to.

What secret about someone else have you kept and wish you hadn't? – Miles told me some things, but I can’t really talk about them.

What secret about someone else have you not kept and wish you had? – I can’t think of any that I’ve told.

Questionnaire #6 - Sex

Are you a virgin? - * blushes * Uh, yes.

Do you mate for life? – I don’t know. I’d like to think so. I really hope so?

Who was your first lover? – Jeepers. I’ve never had one.

Who is your current lover? – I don’t have one.

What is your favourite sexual position? - * blushes * Do I have to answer these? I really don’t know.

What are your kinks? – Kinks? Babe Ruth, this is embarrassing.

[... continued next week]


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  1. He's so cute :) Looking forward to his story!