Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Snark - Razor's Plan

Last week, I told you I had submitted a little Valentine's story to Less Than Three. Well, this week, I'm proud to let you know it has been accepted. Razor's Cut will be out February 15th. It will be part of the big blowout at my #AwesomeTweetMommies' place Babes in Boyland

In honor, let's check in on Razor again. Maybe his attitude has improved a little?


"Cheer up, man. There'll be another later," Samson said. He clapped Razor on the back hard enough to send him into the room.

"Yeah, there were three more, just waiting to take his place," Torr kicked in. "You can't fuck them all."

"Wanna bet?"


Sounds like a plan to me, Razor. Good luck with that.


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