Friday, January 27, 2012

F*ck Off Friday

Welcome to my first Fuck Off Friday.

Wondering what it is? Well, it could go one of two ways. Either I'm fucking off, not doing much of anything, and I'll post something fun or stupid (even more so than the torture I inflicted with Music Monday), or, if a rant is in order, it will be Fuck off! Friday. I'll invite some guest fuckers from time to time so they can get things off their chests too.

Today is a mixed bag. I feel the intense need to tell someone to fuck off, and I can't muster the energy to do much more than fuck off.

Without further adieu:

Xara: Self, FUCK OFF. 
You know what you need to do. Stop fucking off and do it. Buckle down, focus your energy on your work, and shut the shiny the fuck off.

Self: Right back atcha. And I will, right after I finish this....

and this.....

All right. After this one....

Damn. I think I'm addicted....

Right. Really fucking off now, before my nerd takes over and I start dissecting my laptop.



  1. It's a little Chewie. BWA HA HA.


    Now that Fuck Off Friday is over, I suppose it's Sit your ass down and work, Saturday?

    Just wondering. Cause really....