Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday - er, Thursday

Wow, it's been a while since I did this. I kind of curled in my shell and avoided the world. I didn't even do a year-end wrap up. Lazy, lazy bum.

So, I'm sure you can guess that the Stop Eating Crap/Start Moving thing didn't work out so well for me last year. We'll just move on and say "FEEL GOOD ANYWAY" for this year. No beating myself up for last year. I'm simply going to do better this year.

What Did Work?
Well, I'm glad you asked. I started last year with a goal to get published, even if I had to self-pub. Thanks to my fantabluous writing group, I managed to actually accomplish my goal. Without their courage, I wouldn't have been able to do it. They had the balls I needed to borrow to hit the 'send' button and try. Lo and behold, Dreamspinner was just that for me last year. They spun my dreams into reality. I had a short story published in the Riding Double anthology, Crazy Wind, the follow-up novella, and the first of my Were Menagerie books Snakeskin Boots. 

There were some freebies mixed in there too. L.C. Chase let me ride along on Jailhouse Rock, and Lissa Kasey helped me Sink or Swim. (They're both amazing authors - you should go check them out). There was also the choose your own Stendhal's Stand adventure I published on my website. 

Really, my wildest dreams couldn't have imagined all this. 

Obligatory commercial: You can find out more about all of these titles on my website or my goodreads profile. 

Now, back to your regular programming...

What's Next?
For one thing, notice how I said "the first of my Were Menagerie books" up there? Well, last month, I would have said "what I hope will be the first". I managed to finish and submit! Monkey Wrench. I'm now in the music-hold portion of our program with that one.

While I wait for word on that one, I've had a couple of other acceptances. A Valentine's Day short I whipped up was accepted by Less Than Three Press. Razor's Cut is due out February 15th.

And I'll be celebrating No Pants Day (May 4th) in my skivvies, along with the characters in Bennie's Wish.

I'll be co-writing again, this time with my #AwesomeTweetMommy Piper Vaughn. We've got some ideas simmering, so stay tuned.

Anything Else?
I've got a few other ideas churning, but I will be around. Some stories that want to be told, and maybe a few freebies, so keep your eyes open. 

I hope you're not sick of me yet. Now that I've crawled out of the hole I've been hiding in, I intend to fill that sucker up with concrete. Yes, that is a warning. See you around. 'Cause I'm not going anywhere.


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  1. I'm excited to see what you and Piper come up with :)