Sunday, January 9, 2011

The End Is Near!

If I had a sandwich board and a bell, I'd be walking around bothering people yelling that the end is near. Oh, no I would not. If it were truly near, I'd have a hell of a lot more interesting things to be doing.

The end is near, but it's the end of my novel. The dam that was blocking me finally burst, and I pulled an allnighter last night and  now I'm very close to finishing.  It doesn't even suck, from what I can tell. In fact, I expect to be finished with it this week. 

This is by far the longest thing I've ever written. I've never finished anything like this, so I'm very excited. Exhausted, and a little nervous about it, but excited. If you look at my works in progress, you can probably tell I have no problem beginning things. It's the follow through where I have issues.

I'll keep you posted as it gets closted.


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