Monday, January 10, 2011

Smouldering Intensity Defined

Meet Cy.

That's what I'm calling him, anyway. I don't know his real name. Or anything about him at all, except the look he's giving the camera knocks my socks off.

Bouncing around the web this morning, I found him. The intensity of this picture took my breath away. When I look at it, I wonder what, or who, is getting this smouldering look. Is this the look of a man saying "You just kicked my dog, and I'm about to kick your ass"? Or is the man that's been flirting with him for weeks about to get his wishlist fulfilled? Is this that last look just before giving into your passion and finally taking the object of your affection? That last look that says "Last chance, partner. Say no now, 'cause after this? It's all over. Okay then. Let's ride."

He's told me an interesting story about himself. I can't wait to write him and share it.


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