Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday #1

Well, here it is already. Weigh in Wednesdays. My favorite day of the week.

Full disclosure: I've had a 'Biggest Loser' like transformation. I lost over 100 pounds two years ago. I did it through a diet program, and I had surgery to remove extra skin after losing the weight. Now, I hate my scale. Actually, it hates me. And it's working in cahoots with my jeans to make me believe I'm back where I was.Or at least on my way there. And the worst part? My thighs and ass are working with them. 

I know I'm not where I was. Believe me, standing 5'1" and weighing 275 pounds is very different from where I am now. I have no intention of going back there. BUT, if I don't quit eating crap and start moving, I can very easily wind up back where I started. So, that's my plan. Stop eating crap and start moving. Sounds so simple, doesn't it? The proof will be in the abstaining from the pudding. Since this the first week, I have nothing to report, except high expectations of myself. We'll see how I did next Wednesday.

And we're off.......


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